You must be:

…A Chaser, Cub or Otter needing to be y slave/sub
…Under 50 years of age
…100% committed to meeting
…Committed to letting yourself be taken on my journey

You seek:

… 100% Master who will inflict BDSM, CBT, TT, assplay, sounding etc
… at my descretion
… A desire to completely submit to my command

I don't need:

  • Time wasters who say they want to meet and then don’t come to Berlin
  • You coming to Berlin but you don’t contact me or you say you are too busy
  • Slaves who want me as a part-time fill in because you already have a relationship

  • People who treat me like a request show and come and go when they want to

  • …Other bears. I am just ot interested

  • Slaves/ subs who want to pick and choose what they want. I am the Master. I determine what happens.

  • If you do this, you have failed the first and last test of being my slave.

PM me if you want to explore and push your limits beyond what you have known before.